I am interested in how metal can imitate other materials and forms while still taking on a specific function. My rings are reminiscent of eroded rocky outcrops, lava flows, glacial moraines, wind-blown sand or the surface of flowing water. The replication of geologic forms both activates the gemological qualities of the metal and references the origins of the metallic ore. Many of the rings are darkened with a patina, which, after wearing, will abrade away from the high points while remaining in the recesses of the texture. This natural erosive characteristic has always intrigued me about metal: I enjoy making things that, with time and wear, will take on a life of their own, adding further to each ring’s unique design.

I received a BA in Studio Art from Carleton College in 2004 and moved to Portland that same year. In 2006 I completed Oregon College of Art and Craft’s Post Baccalaureate in metalsmithing and worked for MWM Goldsmithing in Downtown Portland until August 2013. I received an MFA in Craft at Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2015.
p. 503.819.9603
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